Not that you want to hear this but I am falling for you…

auroradaddy is wonderful. Met him last night for the first time. He was coming from a cubs game. We kissed, he handed me a gift, and we kissed again. He actually hold me he loved me hahaha… I think it was the heat of the moment. And maybe the beers he had prior at the game haha. 

He’s sexy. His voice is so raspy. And he’s young. 36. It’s obvious he cares about me. He tells me every day he does. Because I’ve been fucked with before, I can tell he’s genuine. It’s the way he responds, his actions, the way he makes me feel. He wrote me a letter. I’ll share it with you guys. He also then told me he was falling for me by text. 😍 melting. 

I had my hot stone massage this morning. The one he bought me. Oh my god I felt like I died and gone to heaven. Then he bought me another massage package! Before my massage we met for coffee and he filled my gas tank. We drove around a while and just talked. He’s so comfortable to be around. Before he put money in my parking and sent me on my way, we kissed. It was hot. Haha I actually love kissing him. Haha WHATS HAPPENING TO ME! I didn’t think sugar dating was going to be this way. Thought it was gonna be gross, fighting my way through the romance in order to see the money on the other side. But I actually am so attracted to this man it’s insane. 

Tonight is my date with ITdaddy. Can’t wait for my hotel suite to myself off Michigan avenue. With all the shit going on in my life right now, this tlc from my daddies is just what I need. Time to soak in the bath before work. Then it’s off to my date and city sleepover. 

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More to come


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