The HAHA man.

jesus fucking Christ. So I meet ITdaddy for our first date at navy pier. He also booked us rooms at this gorgeous hotel off Michigan avenue. So I go, meet him at navy pier and of course…. He’s the man I was hoping to God it wasn’t haha. 

Not attracted to him WHAT SO EVER. Plus he’s already bombed by the time I get there. The waitress hates him, I’m apologizing to her on his behalf for being a loud obnoxious fuck. 

He laughed at everything I said. Everything. I kept thinking to myself, nothing I’m saying is at all witty or funny cause why the fuck would I even try for this guy? So I down as many beers as I can so I can hopefully make it through this date. All I want is my hotel bed to myself, watch some TV, maybe take a bath and call it a fucking night. At least I’m getting this room and my parking covered but Christ almighty he’s too much haha. I can’t stand it. I’m embarrassed to be around this man he’s so fucked up. Also he doesn’t even want what i want. He just wants to do cool shit together and I’m like, I want a big fucking allowance you dingus otherwise I’d just go date someone hot and my own age… Fuck. 

Finally made it to my room, about to get my pjs on and text auroradaddy who’s been texting me all night. He’s been out drinking and is of course saying how much he misses me 😍 cutie. Can’t believe I got to be with him this morning. This is going to be weird to say, but I can’t wait to fuck him. Like I’ve said before, I’ve got the hots for him. And he treats me better than anyone else. Like above and beyond.
ITdaddy….. This is our first and last date. Ever.  

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