The scoop as of late 

I finally feel like I have it organized. I got myself a little diary to everything on track. I want to know exactly how much money is coming in and exactly how much time I’m spending. 

Thankfully, I’m not bending over backwards to please these men. Well…sometimes I bend over. But these dudes can’t fuck at all. They’re so deprived that they’re tiny dicks don’t even last 5 minutes. They make these grunting noises, tell me how tight I am, I pretend I like it and boom they’re not. Three pump chumps I believe it’s called hahaha. ORDdaddy and I had a little hang out the other day. He brought me my 900 dollar allowance and we talked about work and such and then we had sex. It was maybe 2 minutes of actual sex when he then told me he came hahaha. It was almost hilarious but awesome cause means less work for me  and less time spend under his sweaty body 😜 Then he left for work. Quick and easy and now my rent is paid for! We’ve got dinner coming up soon. Hamburger Mary’s I believe. I chose. Didn’t want to do fancy dinner with him, just lots of beers and tater tots! 

Meeting with Bikerdaddy today. We’re starting out allowance today. He’s going to treat me like a queen. And he’s sexy. He told me he’d like to do whatever it takes to help me so I don’t have to work anymore and I can just focus on school. That sounds amazing cause I need to focus on this semester but I also can’t just quit my jobs. So I’ll work less hours and focus on school. While my gentleman take care of me!

Michigandaddy hasn’t paid up so I’m kind of over it. He still texts me every day saying he wants me and blah blah blah but words are meaningless at this point. I need him to start acting otherwise I’m going to drop him. I told him so as well- told him if he doesn’t eventually talk to me this week about our allowance arrangement I’ll have to look elsewhere. And he told me he doesn’t want me looking anywhere else…. So let’s see what happens!!! 

This is starting to really shape up. I feel in control of my life again. This is fantastic. 

In other news, lawyerdaddy wants to get together in a month. And familymandaddy is away for the week so I haven’t talked to him. Auroradaddy is still might infatuated with me but I love it. It’s fulfilling the emotional size of this whole sugar dating thing. But we had a talk- we’re not changing our situations at home. This is just for now and he knows it. Which is good. And so for now, we can enjoy. Also, I need text books. Which daddy will step up? Haha

Til next time 😉


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