Naughty bits 

I was getting bored with the way things were going with my daddies. So, I decided to start a phone sex line. With that I created Miss Sage ( or sagexxx). She’s a bad girl who needs to be punished by a daddy who loves to teach her a lesson by spanking. 

So far I’m building up my client list for the phone sex line so its slow moving. BUT I made a profile for Miss Sage on arrangement finders and MAN! I’m getting messages left and right about how badly dudes wanna fuck and spoil Miss Sage. It’s amazing. I took a different approach. I made the profile really really naughty, really enticing, saying that I wanted to be spoiled rotten and only serious daddies need apply. As much as this is for me to come up new daddies with more allowances and gifts, this is actually HOT as fuck 🔥🔥🔥. Not only do I get to pretend to be a naughty little girl who needs to be set straight, but I also get to be the object of these men’s desires as they sit at their desks fantasizing about spanking Miss Sage’s ass. 

It’s almost too good. wisconsindaddy is a man I’m most interested in. He’s showing true potential and seems serious. Married of course, yet craving a hot little young thang to spoil…. ME PICK ME THATS ME! 

Rent is around the corner and comcast is calling me day after day after my bill. So in need of a man keen to spoil. And this is getting fun! 

In other news, auroradaddy has a gift for me!! A surprise he’s been cooking up for a while now. And he’s about to buy me this gorgeous 300 purse I want! We had lunch the other day and sat by the lake and talked for a while. It was really nice and super sweet. He’s adorable. He’s almost like a boyfriend without the commitment. I like it. A lot. 
More to come 

slsbxxx/ Miss Sage 

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