Lawyerdaddy resurfaces… 😡


 Hmmmm… Seems like lawyer daddy misses me. Or maybe he just misses the sex. Either way, do I respond? I know his marriage is shitty but he has talked to me in like two weeks. He dropped off the fucking face of the planet. 


Part of me wants to be a bitter bitch about this. But part of me thinks, he’s just human. But I’ve got daddies with lives who still keep me informed. I’m no ones sex toy or play thing. Like I said before, if anything, I walked away from lawyer daddy with a gorgeous 300 dollar perfume we picked out together at barneys! 

Auroradaddy $$


Look at aurora daddy showing me his sugar for me xoxo. What a cutie. I have him wrapped around my fingers. He’s amazing. He’s about to buy me a spa package- hot stone massage, Swedish massage, and luxury mani/pedi😍😍 let the pampering begin


Getting to know the daddies 

let’s get it straight. I have given my daddies some fake names so ensure their privacy. But I just want to lay it all out so that it’s clear who everyone is!

Familymandaddy– he’s my chicago River touring, Michigan avenue walking, respectful and thoughtful daddy. He’s my favorite one 💕. He isn’t overly sexual with me, I can be myself. 

– he’s awesome! But we haven’t seen eachother since our wonderful first date because our schedules don’t match up very well. But he texts me every day. Such a sweetie. I’ll make more effort if he shows me more sugarrrrr

– hes the old man that mouth assaulted me. Too much tongue mister. And not in a good way. 

Auroradaddy– he’s the sweetie who bought me the massage packages. We have yet to meet in person but he’s so caring and just wants me to be happy. He tells me I’m the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up and he’s never been so happy in his life…. He’s the most emotional one with me. Compliments me left and right, tells me I’m an angel. He’s a real person, so I know he’s not another fucking scam. But this dude sounds like he’s gonna fall in love with me… 

Youngdaddy– this fun guy is like my best friend. We talk like we’ve known eachother for years. He’s going to cook for me soon and we’re going to have a Harry Potter movie marathon. I find myself thinking about him quite a bit. I think he’s so sexy. And his smile makes me wild. But we’ve just been chatting. And I haven’t seen sugar yet. He knows he’s not technically my sugar daddy yet but can’t wait to spoil the shit out of me. He told me he’s got some weeks in the fall where this condo is to himself. Allllllll to himself. Meaning…ADULT SLUMBER PARTTYYY. Maybe he’ll buy me some lingerie to wear for him for our sleepovers. 

POTdaddies—- I have three potential daddies. My first date with one of them is on Friday and the other, we have a lunch shop date coming up. This lunch shop date guy is the weirdest to communicate with. He’s into it but then he texts me and acts like he’s not. Weird. Maybe not be worth looking into. 

The third is awesome! ITdaddy- he wants to take me to navy pier for some fancy dinner and drinks and then to the trump tower for drinks and possibly stay overnight in one of their grand suites! JUST ME!!!! 

Hopefully that helps keep things organized. Believe it or not it helps me keep everyone straight. Bring on the sugarrrrrrrr!! 

More to come! 


Mouth attack Jack 

as I sit in this hotel parking lot, hair still wet from my shower, decompressing from what just happened in room 143. 

This is the second time I’ve met jack. He’s old. And I mean old but claims to be a sex maniac. Problem is, couldn’t see his dick even with a magnified glass… No joke. Never have I seen a small cock. Never. 

He gives me my allowance in a purple and white envelope. He takes his shirt off as I make coffee in the shitty hotel coffee maker. I’m trying to stall. Make some coffee, talk about his day and recent trip for work. Anything to make this go by quickly. 

It’s like I’m an actress. Putting on a show for this guy. He wants to make me feel amazing but all I do is think of someone else. Haha he’s gross. The worst thing about him is the way he kisses. He straight up assaults my mouth with his tongue. Like he made out with my entire face, stabs my mouth with his tongue and “inspects” ,as he calls it, my gums and teeth…. With his tongue. I not only wanted to cringe but burst out laughing. 

He went down on me for like 40 min. I pretend I like it. And show him what to do. I kept thinking, the longer I do this the less time I have to do things for him hah. Sneaky bitch I know. He loves my breasts. Can’t stop touching them for nibbling them. I let him do what he wants so he’s happy. Whatever to make the time go by. No sex today. I had to run to work. 

Then we shower. I love this part. Because he washes my whole body. I bought this vanilla scrub from target which felt good for me and made him excited. He washed my hair for me, and my legs among other things. He kept wanting to have sex in the shower but I just down played it.

This is going to be my last time with jack. He just doesn’t know it. Although I need his allowance, sugar dating is NOT about being disgusted by who you’re with haha. 

In better news, the sweetest of kisses come from familymandaddy. He’s going to be the one I just know it. He has invited me over for lunch tomorrow at his place in the burbs after I get off work and between my final exam study session. He bought me stuff for my car! And has called me every night before bed. He asks first though, to make sure I’m okay to talk. I genuinely laugh when we talk. He’s hilarious. How did I get so lucky. If the sugar is good, I never went to let go of him. So excited for tomorrow. 

More to come.. 



  back to basics. 

What does SLSBxxx stand for? Secret life of a sugar baby xxx. Meaning, dating men who give you allowances, treats, gifts galore, spa treatments, vacations etc. men who are keen to spoil and make you a queen! 

SLSBxxx is my way of describing what I do. It’s my secret life of being a sugar baby, juggling multiple daddies at a time- paying for school, paying for my apartment, helping me live a life I couldn’t afford on my own. 

I became tired of conventional dating and decided to do something a bit different, something that takes courage, something that takes balls. Something that made me feel powerful. 

Who knows, this may not last long but for now it’s pretty fucking genius.
More to come 


( don’t) Quit your day job 

Hey gals! New daddies on the horizon! 

I was going to meet with dickpicdaddy after class on Thursday but he kept sending me dick pics haha it was too much. And turned me off. No time for that. 

I’ve been swamped with emails and messages from all my POTs. I have a busy weekend and week ahead. 

I had a gorgeous date last night with a new daddy. I’ll call him familymandaddy. He’s the SWEETEST man alive. Got us this gorgeous table downtown for dinner, we walked along the Chicago river, stopped for a beer, sat down to talk, got candy on Michigan avenue. He was going to take me shopping but he suggested we got shopping as our second date. He’s the best. I like him more than any of my other sugar daddies. He’s such a gentleman. He bought me weather mats for my car!! He noticed I was still using the paper mats from when I bought the car, so he said he wanted to do that for me. 

I can’t wait to see him again. 
Just got a spa package from auroradaddy. He’s younger, in an unhappy marriage. Works a lot and just wants to feel appreciated. He said he woke up and I was the first thing he thought of. He isn’t a millionaire but is so keen on making me happy. He’s a keeper. 
Michigandaddy and i might meet up tonight for dinner. Our date together was so fun and his surprise cash at the end of the date was the icing on the cake! He’s so far away though, makes it hard to get over there. 

Lawyerdaddy to took me to barneys for shopping dropped off the face of the planet! Oh well, no harm done!! At least I got a gorgeous perfume out of it 🙂 

Youngdaddy with the smiles, all smiles, is amazing. He calls me dude and it feels like he’s my best friend haha. As ridiculous as that sounds. I have such the hots for him. 

I’ve got three dates next week with new POT daddies xoxo so excited 

This is turning around ladies!! I’ve learned my lesson to be careful, never to be as naive as I was. And I’ve learned how to carry myself when talking to potential daddies. I’ve scared off a few who could’ve absolutely been scams. 💪💪💪💪💪 feeling powerful again! And in control of my game. 

Bring on the luxury! 

More to come


too good to be true 

Wow. The most awful thing happened. I got involved with a manipulative and horrid daddy.
He was cruel, vindictive and scary.

Watch out ladies, some men are too good to be true. This son of a bitch has the audacity to threaten me, demand I do certain things and no amount of money is worth jeopardizing your safety, wellbeing and sense of peace.
Be careful.
I thought about going to the police and asking how I could protect myself. Perhaps his theeatening words are empty but I felt in danger.
What a bastard. Be careful who you interact with because all of a sudden the tables could turn and you could be a part of something you never imagined you’d be a part of.
** in better news, I met two POT daddies one who is incredible. He has the best smile and the greatest personality. A total sweetheart. And the other, who we’ll call Michigandaddy is a bit older, but also a total gentleman. Although Calidaddy was a fucking prick, there are still men out there who know how this is supposed to be and who know how to treat a woman. Do not jeopardize your own dignity and self worth. No money is worth that. Be safe, be careful, have fun but don’t lose sight of who you are.
Until then, slsbxxx