Naughty bits 

I was getting bored with the way things were going with my daddies. So, I decided to start a phone sex line. With that I created Miss Sage ( or sagexxx). She’s a bad girl who needs to be punished by a daddy who loves to teach her a lesson by spanking. 

So far I’m building up my client list for the phone sex line so its slow moving. BUT I made a profile for Miss Sage on arrangement finders and MAN! I’m getting messages left and right about how badly dudes wanna fuck and spoil Miss Sage. It’s amazing. I took a different approach. I made the profile really really naughty, really enticing, saying that I wanted to be spoiled rotten and only serious daddies need apply. As much as this is for me to come up new daddies with more allowances and gifts, this is actually HOT as fuck 🔥🔥🔥. Not only do I get to pretend to be a naughty little girl who needs to be set straight, but I also get to be the object of these men’s desires as they sit at their desks fantasizing about spanking Miss Sage’s ass. 

It’s almost too good. wisconsindaddy is a man I’m most interested in. He’s showing true potential and seems serious. Married of course, yet craving a hot little young thang to spoil…. ME PICK ME THATS ME! 

Rent is around the corner and comcast is calling me day after day after my bill. So in need of a man keen to spoil. And this is getting fun! 

In other news, auroradaddy has a gift for me!! A surprise he’s been cooking up for a while now. And he’s about to buy me this gorgeous 300 purse I want! We had lunch the other day and sat by the lake and talked for a while. It was really nice and super sweet. He’s adorable. He’s almost like a boyfriend without the commitment. I like it. A lot. 
More to come 

slsbxxx/ Miss Sage 

The scoop as of late 

I finally feel like I have it organized. I got myself a little diary to everything on track. I want to know exactly how much money is coming in and exactly how much time I’m spending. 

Thankfully, I’m not bending over backwards to please these men. Well…sometimes I bend over. But these dudes can’t fuck at all. They’re so deprived that they’re tiny dicks don’t even last 5 minutes. They make these grunting noises, tell me how tight I am, I pretend I like it and boom they’re not. Three pump chumps I believe it’s called hahaha. ORDdaddy and I had a little hang out the other day. He brought me my 900 dollar allowance and we talked about work and such and then we had sex. It was maybe 2 minutes of actual sex when he then told me he came hahaha. It was almost hilarious but awesome cause means less work for me  and less time spend under his sweaty body 😜 Then he left for work. Quick and easy and now my rent is paid for! We’ve got dinner coming up soon. Hamburger Mary’s I believe. I chose. Didn’t want to do fancy dinner with him, just lots of beers and tater tots! 

Meeting with Bikerdaddy today. We’re starting out allowance today. He’s going to treat me like a queen. And he’s sexy. He told me he’d like to do whatever it takes to help me so I don’t have to work anymore and I can just focus on school. That sounds amazing cause I need to focus on this semester but I also can’t just quit my jobs. So I’ll work less hours and focus on school. While my gentleman take care of me!

Michigandaddy hasn’t paid up so I’m kind of over it. He still texts me every day saying he wants me and blah blah blah but words are meaningless at this point. I need him to start acting otherwise I’m going to drop him. I told him so as well- told him if he doesn’t eventually talk to me this week about our allowance arrangement I’ll have to look elsewhere. And he told me he doesn’t want me looking anywhere else…. So let’s see what happens!!! 

This is starting to really shape up. I feel in control of my life again. This is fantastic. 

In other news, lawyerdaddy wants to get together in a month. And familymandaddy is away for the week so I haven’t talked to him. Auroradaddy is still might infatuated with me but I love it. It’s fulfilling the emotional size of this whole sugar dating thing. But we had a talk- we’re not changing our situations at home. This is just for now and he knows it. Which is good. And so for now, we can enjoy. Also, I need text books. Which daddy will step up? Haha

Til next time 😉


one hell of a way to wake up 💕

So aurora daddy called me this morning and is like ” hey are you up and showered and almost ready for work?” and I was like “yep about to leave now actually why what’s up?” and he’s like “well I have a present for you!! I’m right outside your building actually sitting in my car! Was going to leave it for you on the porch but I’m just gonna drop it off to you and go to work!” …….He brought me coffee and a fucking flat screen TV LOL 

The HAHA man.

jesus fucking Christ. So I meet ITdaddy for our first date at navy pier. He also booked us rooms at this gorgeous hotel off Michigan avenue. So I go, meet him at navy pier and of course…. He’s the man I was hoping to God it wasn’t haha. 

Not attracted to him WHAT SO EVER. Plus he’s already bombed by the time I get there. The waitress hates him, I’m apologizing to her on his behalf for being a loud obnoxious fuck. 

He laughed at everything I said. Everything. I kept thinking to myself, nothing I’m saying is at all witty or funny cause why the fuck would I even try for this guy? So I down as many beers as I can so I can hopefully make it through this date. All I want is my hotel bed to myself, watch some TV, maybe take a bath and call it a fucking night. At least I’m getting this room and my parking covered but Christ almighty he’s too much haha. I can’t stand it. I’m embarrassed to be around this man he’s so fucked up. Also he doesn’t even want what i want. He just wants to do cool shit together and I’m like, I want a big fucking allowance you dingus otherwise I’d just go date someone hot and my own age… Fuck. 

Finally made it to my room, about to get my pjs on and text auroradaddy who’s been texting me all night. He’s been out drinking and is of course saying how much he misses me 😍 cutie. Can’t believe I got to be with him this morning. This is going to be weird to say, but I can’t wait to fuck him. Like I’ve said before, I’ve got the hots for him. And he treats me better than anyone else. Like above and beyond.
ITdaddy….. This is our first and last date. Ever.  

Not that you want to hear this but I am falling for you…

auroradaddy is wonderful. Met him last night for the first time. He was coming from a cubs game. We kissed, he handed me a gift, and we kissed again. He actually hold me he loved me hahaha… I think it was the heat of the moment. And maybe the beers he had prior at the game haha. 

He’s sexy. His voice is so raspy. And he’s young. 36. It’s obvious he cares about me. He tells me every day he does. Because I’ve been fucked with before, I can tell he’s genuine. It’s the way he responds, his actions, the way he makes me feel. He wrote me a letter. I’ll share it with you guys. He also then told me he was falling for me by text. 😍 melting. 

I had my hot stone massage this morning. The one he bought me. Oh my god I felt like I died and gone to heaven. Then he bought me another massage package! Before my massage we met for coffee and he filled my gas tank. We drove around a while and just talked. He’s so comfortable to be around. Before he put money in my parking and sent me on my way, we kissed. It was hot. Haha I actually love kissing him. Haha WHATS HAPPENING TO ME! I didn’t think sugar dating was going to be this way. Thought it was gonna be gross, fighting my way through the romance in order to see the money on the other side. But I actually am so attracted to this man it’s insane. 

Tonight is my date with ITdaddy. Can’t wait for my hotel suite to myself off Michigan avenue. With all the shit going on in my life right now, this tlc from my daddies is just what I need. Time to soak in the bath before work. Then it’s off to my date and city sleepover. 

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More to come


Lawyerdaddy resurfaces… 😡


 Hmmmm… Seems like lawyer daddy misses me. Or maybe he just misses the sex. Either way, do I respond? I know his marriage is shitty but he has talked to me in like two weeks. He dropped off the fucking face of the planet. 


Part of me wants to be a bitter bitch about this. But part of me thinks, he’s just human. But I’ve got daddies with lives who still keep me informed. I’m no ones sex toy or play thing. Like I said before, if anything, I walked away from lawyer daddy with a gorgeous 300 dollar perfume we picked out together at barneys! 

Auroradaddy $$


Look at aurora daddy showing me his sugar for me xoxo. What a cutie. I have him wrapped around my fingers. He’s amazing. He’s about to buy me a spa package- hot stone massage, Swedish massage, and luxury mani/pedi😍😍 let the pampering begin


Getting to know the daddies 

let’s get it straight. I have given my daddies some fake names so ensure their privacy. But I just want to lay it all out so that it’s clear who everyone is!

Familymandaddy– he’s my chicago River touring, Michigan avenue walking, respectful and thoughtful daddy. He’s my favorite one 💕. He isn’t overly sexual with me, I can be myself. 

– he’s awesome! But we haven’t seen eachother since our wonderful first date because our schedules don’t match up very well. But he texts me every day. Such a sweetie. I’ll make more effort if he shows me more sugarrrrr

– hes the old man that mouth assaulted me. Too much tongue mister. And not in a good way. 

Auroradaddy– he’s the sweetie who bought me the massage packages. We have yet to meet in person but he’s so caring and just wants me to be happy. He tells me I’m the first thing he thinks about when he wakes up and he’s never been so happy in his life…. He’s the most emotional one with me. Compliments me left and right, tells me I’m an angel. He’s a real person, so I know he’s not another fucking scam. But this dude sounds like he’s gonna fall in love with me… 

Youngdaddy– this fun guy is like my best friend. We talk like we’ve known eachother for years. He’s going to cook for me soon and we’re going to have a Harry Potter movie marathon. I find myself thinking about him quite a bit. I think he’s so sexy. And his smile makes me wild. But we’ve just been chatting. And I haven’t seen sugar yet. He knows he’s not technically my sugar daddy yet but can’t wait to spoil the shit out of me. He told me he’s got some weeks in the fall where this condo is to himself. Allllllll to himself. Meaning…ADULT SLUMBER PARTTYYY. Maybe he’ll buy me some lingerie to wear for him for our sleepovers. 

POTdaddies—- I have three potential daddies. My first date with one of them is on Friday and the other, we have a lunch shop date coming up. This lunch shop date guy is the weirdest to communicate with. He’s into it but then he texts me and acts like he’s not. Weird. Maybe not be worth looking into. 

The third is awesome! ITdaddy- he wants to take me to navy pier for some fancy dinner and drinks and then to the trump tower for drinks and possibly stay overnight in one of their grand suites! JUST ME!!!! 

Hopefully that helps keep things organized. Believe it or not it helps me keep everyone straight. Bring on the sugarrrrrrrr!! 

More to come!